Our Team

This is Team Los Chamos at Multiple Events and Caterings

Our team is family based and when you work for Los Chamos, your family! Running the team is:
Manuel Rendon – COO
Freddy Cuevas – CFO
Ohdra Cuevas – Marketing VP
Grabriela Rendon – VP of Events
Supporting this team are our amazing cooks which bring the unique taste and flavors to our customers. Come in and meet:
Manolo – creator of our delicious Tequenos and ham bread.

Manuel Rendon

Manuel, a native of Valencia, Venezuela, came to Boston at the age of 16 years old pursuing the famous American dream. It was not too long until he realized the American dream was not as people described it back home. With no English at all and just few a cents to spare he quickly integrated into the American culture, as a Bostonian. After a couple of years of studying English he was accepted into the Chemical Nuclear Engineering program at UMASS LOWELL where he went and graduated with honors. Manuel has utilized his degree for the past eight years and brings that experience to the restaurant. During his school years he also worked full time as a manager in a restaurant that helped him pay for his family’s and school expenses. Even though he was achieving success he knew something was missing. So he convinced his family to join him, therefore they migrated to Boston. His sister was the first one to arrive followed by his parents several years later.

Freddy Cuevas

Freddy Cuevas was born and raised in a small town in Venezuela, north of South America. He came to the United States along with his sister and father at the age of 16. Since then, he went to Brookline High School where he took one year of English (as a second language). He later went to Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), to sharpen his English skills and further his education. He graduated from BHCC with an Associate Degree in Accounting, where he started pursuing his professional career as a banker. For two years, he worked as a bank teller in downtown Boston. Here he gained experience in the Financial Industry, which he took with him as he escalated to an investment service bank “State Street Corporation.” He continued his education at Northeastern University obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Accounting Management. Since then, he has been working in different departments gaining experience in all of the Mutual Fund World.

Mama Doris

Doris was born in the famous city of San Cristobal. This city it is known for its cordiality in Venezuela. Mama Doris migrated to Valencia, Venezuela with her husband to have a family. She always inspired her family and taught her children that hard work always pays off. Besides her nurturing personality she brings to the restaurant family recipes which have been past down for generation to generation. She is the hearth and soul of the restaurant Los Chamos.