Our History

Los Chamos Team

The restaurant was formed between the Cuevas and Rendon families. Manuel Rendon and Freddy Cuevas met early in 2002, a few years after coming from Venezuela. Manuel is from Valencia City and Freddy is from Trujillo. They met in Boston at a Rendon family gathering where their friendship quickly formed. They followed different paths attending college but formed a stronger bond when Freddy married Manuel’s sister in 2009 and a larger family was created. At the end of 2014, they started a project selling Venezuelan ham bread, which was very popular during the holiday season. The response from customers was overwhelming, but they only had:  Manolo The (panadero) or the baker  who crafted the delicious bread filled with ham, raisins, and olives. When the holiday season was over the idea was still there, but was pushed aside. In late 2015 the idea came up again to establish a restaurant, but there was still only Manolo. We began to pull together knowledge from professional chefs and gather all our expertise to launch the business.

Freddy Cuevas  (El de las Finanzas) our finance guy was appointed to handle all funds, budgets, and estimates that would be needed to start the business. See more details about Freddy in our Team Tab. 

Manuel Rendon (el Ingeniero de la casa) o el engineer  was appointed to structure the business and over see all operations. See more background information in our Team Tab.

Even though we had they had the vision of delivering authentic food to customers  they also had the challenge of starting up a successful, new business. A marketing and planning department was needed to move forward, so they appointed:
Ohdra Cuevas: Marketing 
Gabriela Rendon: Event Planner
One of the most important parts of a restaurant business is great food. The toughest part is finding a good chef, someone to cook this great food… and they had someone special!
Doris Sanchez, Los Chamos’s mom. She is one of the hardest working human beings and is in charge of making most of the delicious food you’ll taste and enjoy at Los Chamos. For more background information see our Team Tab. As we proceeded with our dream a few others were eager to join our team, they quickly became key players in starting the business.
Joscar Daubetterre gave Los Chamos his expertise and professionalism in cooking, recipes, and portion control.
Later, Los Chamos added:
Vianett Chirinos to help with the cooking. Her primary role is was baking their delicious cakes and other sweet products they serve in the restaurant. Joining the marketing department:
Raul Cuevas who handled the social media aspect for our restaurant. His addition brought Los Chamos tremendous success. The exposure of Venezuelan cuisine to those who had not tried it as well as those who loved it before.
Herman Villalobos: (el maracuhco) a gentleman from Maracaibo also joined Los Chamos in the cooking process. He has even prepared one of our top sellers, (Patacon) the fried plantain sandwich.
As we continue to grow we will keep adding more talent to our team, especially those who want to become part of the Los Chamos family.


Vainnett /Maryuri / Doris / Gabby/ Freddy /Nebraska/OhdraManuel Hernan.
Freddy / Ohdra/ Gabby/ Manuel